Scottish Police Take Graphcut Guillotine Into Custody


Scottish Police found the features of the Graphcut 73H fully hydraulic guillotine supplied by Terry Cooper Services so arresting it had to have one for its Kincardine-on-Forth print room.

Andrew Holland, Print Service Manager of the department that produces everything from leaflets and letterheads to forms and signs, says: “We had a Polar 58 guillotine and it was time to replace it. We looked at second hand systems but then spoke to Terry Cooper Services and saw what they had to offer. It was very competitively priced so it made sense to buy the new system.”

The small foot-printed, 730 mm width x 730 mm depth guillotine offers the choice of electric motor driven clamp and knife or full hydraulic operation. There is an air bed as standard, light barrier, infra-red cutting light beam, and full programmability via a 7-inch touchscreen.

Continues Holland: “It is bigger than the older 58cm machine so it has increased our cutting capacity. It also gets through thicker piles more easily. It chomps through the work. It has increased the speed at which we can finish work and decreased cutting effort by two-thirds on some jobs.

“We recently had 210 students at the police college for training and we had to produce the manuals. It took half the time. That was a massive saving for us – especially at there are only two people in the department.”

He continues: “We have an open door policy and so are constantly busy. Now we are more confident in being able to complete the work coming in. It is made our lives easier and everyone happier.