Hohner Foldnak M2 Bookletmaker

The Foldnak M2 bookletmaker with easy push-button operation turns digital and offset prints into professional booklets. It can process formats ranging from A5 to A3 and uses either standard or loop staples. The M2 has an integrated edge stapling function allowing both spine and edge stapling, with a simple conversion between one mode and the other.

Sheet size min./max. (mm)148 x 210, 330 x 448
DIN A 5, DIN A 4, DIN A 3
US: ledger, letter, legal
Cover sheetsCardboard or thick paper
Max. thickness (booklets)1,5 mm (approx. 15 x 80 g)
Max. thickness (pads2 mm (approx. 20 x 80 g)
Max. number of booklets per hour (sets/h)500
Stapling head positions (distances in mm)4 (50 x 80 x 50)
Staple types26 / 6, Ri 26 / 6
Staple capacity /head210
Power supply230 V 50 Hz 0,1 kW
115 V 60 Hz 0,1 kW
H x W x D (cm) net29 x 49 x 51
Weight (kg)35 net / 38 packed